Durty Nelly’s

Address: 1649 Barrington Street, Halifax (Corner of Argyle and Sackville Street)

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Date / Time Visited:  6:00PM on 22 February 2014

Genre: Pub

Reservation: Nil

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place / music / WIFI

Chris – Lovely pub – very busy and very loud since it was a Saturday evening at meal time (although the place would be open for quite some time to come).  Music was a live band that was playing maritime music.  Don’t recall whether there was wifi…

Margaret – It was a busy spot early on a Saturday evening.  There was an all-ages 50th birthday party going on, Olympics on the TV and a live band so the noise level was high.  We were seated at the bar table,  high chairs, small table so it was crowded for eating. Even though it’s legal for children to be in pubs before 8, it’s not really the best place for them to be.  Lots of over-drinkers in the place even at that early hour.

Durty Nelly's - Dark and Stormy

Durty Nelly’s – Dark and Stormy

Greeting / reception

Chris – The waitress saw us right away and sat us at a tall table.  I was a little worried about Charlotte being in a pub, but it was still early enough in the day that it was okay.  I did have to change seats with her, though, since she was getting bumped into by several patrons.

Margaret – We were seated quickly and it wasn’t too long before we got drinks and menus.

Durty Nelly's - Drinks

Durty Nelly’s – Drinks

Menu prices

Chris – I thought that they were pretty reasonable.  Also helped that we had $75 in gift certificates since we each received “backstage packages” for the nearby Neptune theatre (http://www.neptunetheatre.com)- the certificates were part of the deal.

Margaret – I agree that menu prices were reasonable.

Durty Nelly's - Burger Menu

Durty Nelly’s – Burger Menu


Chris – A good selection of Irish, pub, and seafood menu items.  I also liked the Dark and Stormy (rum shot inside a glass of ginger beer) as a different twist.

Margaret – There was a nice mixture of items on the menu and I think that most people could find something they like to eat if they went there.

Durty Nelly's - Fixed Menu

Durty Nelly’s – Fixed Menu

Smell / look / taste of Renowned Seafood Chowder

Chris – The starter for the fixed menu, it was a sizeable bowl with a decent amount of seafood chunks in it including shrimp, scallops, and haddock.  I’m surprised that I didn’t go for the arugula salad since it featured goat cheese (yum!)

Margaret –  I didn’t taste this so can’t give you a review.

Durty Nelly's - World Renowned Seafood Chowder

Durty Nelly’s – World Renowned Seafood Chowder

Smell / look / taste of Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

Chris – This was Charlotte’s meal so I didn’t taste much of it – I did like the batter.

Margaret – I liked the chicken but found the Thai Chili dipping sauce way too hot for me!  I needed water right away!!  The batter on the tenders was crispy and tasty. They were cooked just right-not too tough, not too mushy.

Durty Nelly's - Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

Durty Nelly’s – Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

Smell / look / taste of Cedar Plank Atlantic Salmon

Chris –  Properly cooked salmon, interestingly served on what I would describe as floor shims…  Lemon butter sauce was rich and creamy, but could have used more dill to offset the richness of the sauce.  Vegetables were properly cooked to al dente.

Margaret – It looked nice but since I am not a seafood eater, I didn’t taste.

Durty Nelly's - Cedar Planked Atlantic Salmon

Durty Nelly’s – Cedar Planked Atlantic Salmon

Smell / look / taste of Whiskey Smoke Burger

Chris – I love whiskey, I love smoke (especially in jerky), and I love burgers – shame this wasn’t my meal.  I did enjoy the taste and texture of the meat, especially offset with the crunch from the onion rings.

Margaret – This was quite yummy although too big for me to eat it all by myself.  The tastes of the whiskey and smoke blended nicely together in a perfectly cooked burger.  The onion rings were crispy and hot.

Durty Nelly's - Whiskey Smoke Burger

Durty Nelly’s – Whiskey Smoke Burger

Smell / look / taste of Cheesecake

Chris – Charlotte picked this up, and she really loved it.  I only got a nibble, so I can’t say much except that it had a good texture without having too much “granularity”.  This was also part of the fixed menu, but Charlotte ended up ordering this so I could get the apple crisp.

Margaret – Didn’t have any but it looked nice on the plate

Durty Nelly's - Cheesecake

Durty Nelly’s – Cheesecake

Smell / look / taste of Apple Crisp

Chris – It was part of the set menu, so we ended up getting this for a variety of desserts.  It was really not remarkable – should have stuck with the cheesecake.  The texture was okay, but I think it could have used more cinnamon.

Margaret – Didn’t taste this either but I thought it was interesting being served in a ramekin.  Good way to control portion size!

Durty Nelly's - Apple Crisp

Durty Nelly’s – Apple Crisp

Why we chose menu items

Chris – I like the concept of a set menu.  It should be items that the chef has specifically put together for a good fusion of tastes.  For me, it was also a chance to eat several courses of seafood – something that I don’t get to do too often.

Margaret – I chose the Whiskey Burger because the combination of flavours sounded good and because I knew Chris would like to try it as well He does like whiskey!

Durty Nelly's - Buttermilk Chicken Tender Menu

Durty Nelly’s – Buttermilk Chicken Tender Menu

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – Service was fairly fast and efficient (considering how busy it was), plus a good recommendation on the cheesecake for Charlotte.

Margaret – I agree with you, Chris.  I know, there’s a first time for everything!!

Durty Nelly's - Corner of Sackville and Argyle

Durty Nelly’s – Corner of Sackville and Argyle

Overall Dining Experience

Chris – It was a decent meal just after having seen a play at the Neptune theatre called “Oil and Water.”

Would we go again

Chris – I might if I’m in the area, but there are so many good restaurants to choose from…

Margaret – Hmm, I don’t think so.  Too noisy for me and I don’t like to eat at tall, small bar tables.  And as Chris said, there are so many good restaurants to choose from we don’t need to have a repeat visit.


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