How to Delegate So the Gain Outweighs the Pain by Jesse Lyn Stoner at Seapoint Centre on 27 November 2013

Delegation can be one of the hardest things to do.  After all, leaders know how the job should get done, so why let someone else possibly do it the “wrong way?”  This author provides her top ten reasons on why people don’t delegate, and then provides good arguments to counter each of those reasons.  This is a fairly fast read so I won’t summarize it here – check out the link for yourself.

We have failed as leaders on several fronts if we do a task ourselves that should otherwise have been delegated.  Doing the task means that we are down in the details instead of creating the vision (yes, there are times to focus on details but only for the minimum amount of time necessary).  Doing a task yourself does not develop your subordinates.  Finally, by doing the task yourself you are not allowing the team to assume greater responsibility and accountability – most people want to be reasonably challenged!

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