CherryBerry (Bedford South or Halifax North)

Address:  81 Peakview Way, Unit 400 in South Bedford (off of Larry Uteck Blvd), Nova Scotia, Canada

Social Media:

Date Time Visited: 12:00PM to 12:30PM on 12 January 2014

Genre: Dessert

Reservation: Nil

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place:

Chris – Colourful, yet childish – reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake cartoons

Margaret – Opening week, colourful, bright and clean.  Good location – should be successful

CherryBerry - Interior

CherryBerry – Interior

Greeting / reception

Chris – Asked if we’ve been at CherryBerry before

Menu prices

Chris – They’re not giving it away

Margaret – 21 cents per 10 grams (that’s $2.10 per 100 grams) – deceptive pricing.  Weight of fixings

CherryBerry - Costs

CherryBerry – Costs


Chris – Able to make three flavours from two flavours of ice cream

Margaret – 14 base flavours, able to make 21 combinations

CherryBerry - Yogurt Stations

CherryBerry – Yogurt Stations

Why we chose menu item

Chris – It’s a yogurt place – makes sense to eat yogurt

Margaret – Don’t like yogurt

CherryBerry - Dry Fixins

CherryBerry – Dry Fixins

CherryBerry - Fruit Fixins

CherryBerry – Fruit Fixins

Smell  / look / taste of 1st course

Chris – Cinnamon Coffee cake (combo of Java Caramel Cup Greek and  Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Bun), added topping of kiwi, blackberry, and some peanut butter sauce.  Liked the Java Caramel, not the cinnamon bun.   Together, made an okay combination

Charlotte –

  • Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Bun – hated aftertaste and flavour
  • Mango – good but would have been better on its own
  • Chocolate Strawberries – good (taste matched name, stronger chocolate than strawberry)
  • Tartastic – okay, somewhat bland
  • Oreo Cupcake – okay
  • Skinny Vanilla – greek yogurt taste, liked it
CherryBerry - Chris' Bowl

CherryBerry – Chris’ Bowl

CherryBerry - Charlotte's and Friend's Bowl

CherryBerry – Charlotte’s and Friend’s Bowl

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – Cashier didn’t know wifi password for the Cherry Berry public wifi, but manager knew it.  Cute password name (won’t give it here)

Overall dining experience

Chris – Saw person having to go under sneeze guard – very hard to get at the “fixin’s”

Margaret – Cardboard dividers for the larger cups, allows you to try different varieties.  TVs( 2) but on US news station.  Radio on in background.  Problem registering loyalty card

Charlotte – Facebook page said there were free wristbands.  Had to ask – same cashier didn’t know about the promo.  Charlotte and her friend got them after a while

CherryBerry - Promotions

CherryBerry – Promotions

Would we go again

Chris – Only with kids.  I don’t think there’s sufficient value

Charlotte – Yes

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