(CLOSED) Chef’s Menu

Address: 518 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Date/Time Visited: 6:30PM on 17 April 2014

Genre: Upscale Family (Chris) / Neighborhood (Margaret)

Reservation: Nil

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place / music / WIFI

Chris – Dark brown tables and chairs, light yellow walls and random styles of art (sculptures and paintings) along the wall.

Margaret – Nice neighbourhood family restaurant. Contemporary music.

Chef's Menu - Interior Decor

Chef’s Menu – Interior Decor

Greeting / reception

Chris – I got there before Margaret, was seated quickly, friendly staff.

Menu prices

Chris – Most dishes are in the mid-teens.

Margaret – Reasonable for the quality.

Chef's Menu - Seafood Fettuccini Menu

Chef’s Menu – Seafood Fettuccini Menu


Chris – It’s not an exhaustive menu, but it’s got a great selection of appetizers, pastas, salad, entrees, and even desserts.

Margaret – Small yet interesting menu.

Chef's Menu - Chicken Quesadilla Menu

Chef’s Menu – Chicken Quesadilla Menu

Smell / look / taste of Seafood fettucini

Chris – seafood and pasta cooked perfectly, but what made this amazing was the texture and taste of the cream sauce.  Very rich and filling!

Chef's Menu - Seafood Fettuccini

Chef’s Menu – Seafood Fettuccini

Smell / look / taste of Chicken Quesadillas

Margaret – sauce was sweet. Had red peppers and chicken – was pretty plain (I like mine better).  Had flecks of something but I can’t remember.  I don’t know if it was on the menu but I should have ordered guacamole as well.

Chef's Menu - Chicken Quesadilla

Chef’s Menu – Chicken Quesadilla

Smell / look / taste of Bailey’s Cheesecake

Chris – I love Baileys, I love cheesecake, perfect blend.  Like the little touches such as the cocoa dusting around the shape of a fork.  Tasted great, but I should have gone with something with a greater citrus taste to not clash with the fettuccine.

Chef's Menu - Bailey's Cheesecake

Chef’s Menu – Bailey’s Cheesecake

Why we chose menu items

Chris – Chef’s special.

Margaret – I didn’t want anything heavy – I had Aquacize class an hour later.

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – Minor – No pepper or parmesan grinding.

Margaret – Good service, pleasant waiter.

Overall dining experience

Chris – Very pleasant and relaxing.  Chef came out to make sure that the meal and service were okay – seemed genuinely concerned and interested in our reply.

Margaret – Good, good

Would we go again

Chris – Absolutely

Margaret – Yes

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