What Bothers Us Most About Our Leaders by Glenn Llopis at Forbes on 3 March 2014.

As leaders, we are always trying to do our best at achieving the goal at hand.  Along the way, however, we may pick up some bad habits that can annoy our team members.  The following article  highlights eight pet peeves that people can have about their leaders:

  1. Unknowingly selfish
  2. Micro-management
  3. Don’t – or can’t – explain their vision
  4. Ignore the problems
  5. Lack patience under pressure
  6. Don’t listen to themselves or others
  7. Not courageous enough
  8. Not enough presence, personality and “likeability”

What I really liked about this article is that all the sections (except for #3) have a link or links to other articles that you can read to get more information on that particular aspect.

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