(CLOSED) Bootz Saloon and Grill

Address: 121 Ilsley Avenue, Dartmouth, NS

Social Media: Gone!

Date / Time Visited:  10:45AM on 26 April 2014 (pretty early for a saloon!)

Genre: Dance bar

Reservation: No, but here as part of a contest.

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place / music / WiFi

Chris – Had a “saloon-y” feel.  At the end of a strip mall so there are large windows along one wall.  Disco ball in the middle of the dance floor – not sure if these are a fixture in traditional saloons.  Country AND western!  Since it’s a radio station hosting, the music may not be representative of the standard.  WiFi is available.

Margaret – Country bar, I like country music, don’t like the decorations (deer head and steer skulls on the wall), seats clean, doesn’t stink like a smokey bar, no carpet.  Lots of places to park.  A mix of songs from the last two decades.

Greeting / reception

Chris – Was part of a contest for FX101.9, a country music station in Halifax.  There were chances to win prizes.

Margaret – Same as Chris.

Menu prices

Chris – Standard pub-type prizes.

Margaret – Reasonable


Chris – Since it was a special event , only three choices – burger and fries, fish and chips, or a breakfast burrito.

Margaret – Same.

Bootz Saloon and Grill - Special Menu

Bootz Saloon and Grill – Special Menu

Smell / look / taste of Cheeseburger

Chris – Cheeseburger.  Nice light bun, but the patty was flavourless.  Nothing on the burger except a leaf of lettuce and a slice of tomato.  No aioli, not even relish / mustard / ketchup (not available on table either).  Home-cut fries were crunchy and fresh – yum!  Coffee was “imported” from Tim Hortons – probably not designed to have these many people show up at once.

Margaret – Burger patty was plain.

Bootz Saloon and Grill - Burger and Fries

Bootz Saloon and Grill – Burger and Fries

Smell / look / taste of Breakfast Burrito

Chris – Redeemed themselves with the breakfast burrito.  Built on demand, included tomato, cheese ham (Margaret didn’t want peppers).  Good texture and flavour.

Margaret – Good, nice texture.

Bootz Saloon and Grill - Breakfast Burrito

Bootz Saloon and Grill – Breakfast Burrito

Smell / look / taste of Free Appetizers

Chris – I actually found the appetizers to be better than the meals that they were offering.  Nice selection of breaded chicken wings, fried pepperoni, fried shrimp, fried cheese, and jalapeno poppers.  If it wasn’t fried, I don’t think it was served!

Margaret – Nice selection, but it’s hard to tell since we didn’t have the regular menu.

Bootz Saloon and Grill - Appetizer Buffet Selection

Bootz Saloon and Grill – Appetizer Buffet Selection

Why we chose menu items

Chris – Margaret ordered the burrito, so I was torn between the fish and burger – selected based on the recommendation of our waitress.

Margaret – Didn’t think I could eat a hamburger at 11AM.

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – Not applicable.  Did ask about the burger – was surprised that I found it to be plain.

Margaret – Not applicable – special event.

Overall dining experience

Chris – Okay, our focus was on the event.

Margaret – Comfortable, pleasant.  Not here during usual time.

Would we go again

Chris – No.

Margaret – Nah – not really in a neighbourhood that I would go to – industrial park.

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