Bankable Leadership: How to give employees control by Dr. Tasha Eurich at Computer Daily News on 8 April 2014

This article is an extract from the author’s book “Bankable Leadership” and focuses on empowering employees to improve their performance AND increase their satisfaction.  She provides several examples on how various organizations have empowered their employees, although the article itself does not give specific metrics on how much performance / satisfaction improved.  I was intrigued by her write-up of HCL technologies’ use of an internal help desk and electronic tracking “tickets” to help employees in solving workplace issues, and that only the employee that raised the ticket can close the ticket.  Sounds interesting, although it could also have the potential for abuse.

The author closes by providing six more ideas to empower your employees (actually, you could expand this to all of your followers, not just in business):

“Have them create agendas and / or run staff meetings”.

For the others, you’ll have to go read the article or her book…

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