Are you the boss that you would want to have for yourself?  This is the fundamental question that this article, an extract from the author’s book ‘Dare: Straight Talk on Confidence, Courage and Career’, asks.  In order to answer the question, you need to look at three things:

  1. What qualities would your perfect boss have (long list)?
  2. Which of these do you do (likely shorter list)?
  3. For the shortfalls, come up with a written action plan on how you will incorporate these into your leadership.

The article also highlights other aspects such as improving your communication.  Where I think it falls short, however, is in the first question.  It is a good start, yet the question needs to be shifted to place the emphasis on your followers.  What qualities would THEY want in a perfect boss?  Although the questions are close, and there may even be significant overlap in the answers, your leadership needs to be focused on your followers.

Is your leadership falling short? by Becky Blalock at The Globe and Mail on 6 November 2013.

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