Viral Leadership Branding – Inject A Positive Perception by Cindy Wahler, Ph.D., at Forbes on 1 November 2013

This article will be of interest to many, especially those who aspire to higher levels of responsibility within their organizations and groups. It speaks to the importance of perception – how others perceive you can have a significant impact on your goals. Even little things that shouldn’t be more important than your work and your abilities (scuffed shoes, speech mannerisms) can hold you back.

What I like about the article is that it says that leaders should be proactive in asking for feedback from peers. Where it stops short is in not creating a call to action in seeking feedback from your own leaders – even if the latter “…lack the courage to have difficult conversations and be upfront.” Finally, the hard part will be getting objective reviews from your subordinates – anonymous 360 degree reviews can help with this aspect.

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