Using Storytelling To Craft And Communicate Your Strategic Vision by Jeremey Donovan at on 4 February 2014

This article speaks to the challenges that leaders sometimes face in creating a (compelling) vision. The top three obstacles include:

• Thinking that the leader alone is the only person that can create a vision (you have worked hard to create a high-performing team – they can perform well in this role, too!)
• The misconception that showing emotion is unbecoming of being a leader (for me, a leader should be passionate about what they do! Think of two presentations – one done in a calm manner and the other delivered with passion – which would impact you more?)
• Not being able to tell a compelling story (this is a natural follow-on to the second point)

Get your team together, build upon the initial grain of the vision that you have in mind, then go out and passionately tell your story on the why and the how of achieving your vision will make a significant difference in the world. Then, go out and drive towards that vision – you’ll likely get many followers along the way.

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