A good news article that bad news can actually be good news…  As leaders, it can be tough to deal with bad news.  Most of your followers will love to give you good news, but might cringe at the thought of delivering bad news (fear  of “shooting the messenger”, don’t want to disappoint the leader, etc.)  Worse yet, your followers may choose to not tell you about the bad news, solving nothing and likely creating a bigger problem down the road.  If something is going wrong, you need to deal with it NOW!

The author provides three tips for dealing with bad news:

  1. Work on creating a positive personal reaction to bad news (no screaming or shouting…)
  2. Creating a culture that encourages bad news being brought forward.
  3. Celebrate success stories of where bad news was identified and immediate positive steps were taken to mitigate or even solve the problem.

Not everything will go your way.  In leading a culture where bad news can be dealt with positively and promptly, you help minimize the downside.

Why Successful People Love Bad News by Bernard Marr at LinkedIn on 10 February 2014.

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