Relationships, leadership, pay most important to enjoyable job by Canadian HR Reporter at on 12 September 2014.

Although there are no leadership tips in this article, there some leadership aspects that make for an interesting discussion.  I have to note – although the article cites a Randstad Canada survey, I can’t find it online so I can only go by the article instead of citing actual portions of the report.  Having said that, the numbers aren’t as important as the principles, so I’ll use the article as a platform to provide a key message.

The article points to the survey results that indicated that great colleagues and trustworthy leaders are among the top three things Canadians are looking for in their jobs.  To me, these are part of the same desire.  Not only do we want leaders (or anyone else, for that matter) that we can trust, but we want to work in a positive environment surrounded by great people.  Think about it – a leader is responsible for creating (or fixing) the culture for which they are responsible.  They are also responsible for ensuring that they lead and mentor their subordinates.  Can you imagine a situation where everyone is grows and develops in a trusted environment surrounded by enthusiastic people?  I’d want to stay there.

What I also want to focus on is the initial sentence of the article:

Nearly one-half of Canadians (43 per cent) would stay at a job that left them unfulfilled if they were surrounded by a great team, according to a Randstad Canada survey.

As leaders, it is one of our responsibilities to ensure that our followers not only know the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ of a task, but most importantly, the ‘why’.  By understanding their role and how they contribute, people are more likely to remain engaged.  This will increase their satisfaction and will help you achieve your vision – a win-win situation.

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