Non-sexy type of leadership that really matters by Robert Hooijberg, Dan Denison, John Antonakis & Nancy Lane at The Jakarta Post on 29 November 2014.

This article highlights that although the concepts of “transformational leadership” and “transactional leadership” are getting a lot of attention lately, there needs to be a greater emphasis on instrumental leadership. The authors define the concept of instrumental leadership along two main dimensions: a solid understanding of the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) environment, and providing guidance to your followers on achieving their tasks.

It got me thinking about one of the key aspects of leadership, that of vision. A vision can help guide your followers to the destination, but the authors state that vision isn’t enough; you need to be able to take the vision and break it down into actionable steps. Although the fundamental principles of leadership don’t change (and thus a leader in one setting could become a leader in another setting), the authors also make the case that, all things being equal, the best leaders are those with more in-depth knowledge of their business or organization.

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