“Micromanaging can stifle employees” by Gladys Edmunds at USA Today on 30 April 2014

Leadership articles can take several forms such as lists, case studies, etc. – this article is an answer to a question posed by a reader.  What captured my interest from the start was that the man posing the question thinks that people need to be made to work and his wife believes that people need to develop their own capacity for work – they seem to demonstrate McGregor’s Theory X (the husband) and Theory Y (the wife) in one couple!  (Previous discussion on these theories can be found here.)

What makes the article so compelling is that the author admits that she once held a Theory X point of view, but was counselled by her mentor (another entrepreneur) that her micromanagement style would eventually erode confidence – she now makes a point of believing in her followers and developing them to the best of their ability.

Articles like this make me wish I could see the follow-ups such as those seen in reality TV – not only for the man posing the question but for the author’s own business.  There are likely to be ups and downs on any given day, but I would assess that there was a positive change in the workplace culture and environment.

The original article can be found here

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