Manage Your Leadership Agenda Through The Agendas Of Others by Glenn Llopis at Forbes on 14 July 2014.

Although the article uses the term “leadership agenda”, for me it mostly speaks to office politics. Perhaps the term “agenda” was used because politics is considered a dirty word, although not many people use “having an agenda” as a positive phrase. For me, politics can actually have a good meaning. Not the constant bickering and playing up to the cameras that we seem to get inundated with, but rather through the noble sense provided by philosophers such as Plato. You need to be able to understand what you want (your vision), and be able to communicate and work with others (teamwork) wherever possible so you get to a “win-win” outcome.

The article does speak to several facets of leadership, such as understanding others, alignment of goals, influence, and the importance of teamwork, making it an interesting read.

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