Leadership is a life skill by Kendra Moyses at Michigan State University Extension on 26 August 2014.

An interesting article on how to gradually develop youth leadership skills through the ages of 5-19. Most of you reading this post are most likely to have children within this age bracket. I’m willing to go on a limb to state that since you are interested in leadership, you are likely to want to help develop leadership skills in your children, nieces, nephews, youth groups that you lead, etc.

This article breaks down the skills that should be developed at the four developmental stages – from 5-8 year olds learning to be part of a group up to the 15-19 year olds organizing a group to meet a specific goal. What I really like about the article is that it provides a series of age-appropriate questions to get the youth thinking about leadership in general and their leadership in particular. There is also a link to a 4-H Experiential Learning resource (a .pdf document), as well as several other websites to get more knowledge.

As cliché as it sounds, these children are the future. Let’s help them become better leaders so that they can create an even brighter future.

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