Leadership Lessons From Much Further Afield by Drew Marshall at Forbes on 28 August 2014.

Many readers / listeners of VOCL are leaders in their own towns and cities, but what does leadership look like if you are in another country with a dissimilar culture?  The author of this article provides three key areas to think about:

  • Don’t impose (just because you’re used to doing things one way at home doesn’t mean that your method applies equally well across nations and across culture)
  • Build to sustain (you need to be flexible and consider the comments of all stakeholders.  It’s initially more challenging and time-consuming, but the results are better and will last longer)
  • Promote ownership (people have to buy in to your vision to bring about permanent change – they have to ‘own’ their role in the collective work)

Although set in Afghanistan, I consider that these lessons apply equally at home.  A ‘bull in a china shop’ approach may work for a while, but will not deliver the desired long-term results.

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