Leadership lessons from The Apprentice and Undercover Boss by Patrick Wright at hrmagazine.co.uk on 15 July 2014.

An interesting article that presents two models of leadership that are found on the television shows The Apprentice and Undercover Boss. What I like about this article is that it highlights personal growth, but that this personal growth seems to happen in two distinctly different directions based on the environment in which the leaders find themselves. The Apprentice is highly competitive, with only one winner – this may inspire a greater amount of self-serving behaviours. Undercover Boss has a leader that goes out to try to find out more about the company and the employees at the grass-roots level.

I’ve never really liked The Apprentice (it’s okay), but both my wife and I enjoy Undercover Boss – his article made me think about why that is. The most compelling reason is that Undercover Boss (full disclosure: we actually watch Undercover Boss Canada) provides an environment that focuses more on servant leadership.

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