Leadership is earned, not a right by Bill Richardson at The Lawyers Weekly on 4 October 2013

Although aimed at lawyers, this article (which uses the word IMPACT as an acronym for leadership qualities) has a broad range of applications. It speaks to the point that leadership is something that you must continuously strive to earn instead of simply assuming positional power within your organization. IMPACT is broken down into six main areas:

Influence – “aligning people with a shared purpose and a vision on how to get there”
Meaning – communicating in a fashion to which people can relate
Purpose – although labelled as “purpose”, this section more accurately focuses on providing a reason for change.
Attention – being self-aware of all aspects of who we are and what we represent
Character – “…establishes principles that connects our actions to our values…”
Teaching – helping your followers develop to their maximal potential, including being a role model for them

I’m mentally wired to look for patterns, and I expected to see paragraphs that started with each of the letters of the word impact. Instead, additional thoughts are tossed in so it looks more like IMPFARCWT. As well, as previously pointed out, “purpose” is really “change”, but that would spell IMCACT and thus be rather silly… Nevertheless, there are some good points made that make it worth the read.

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