Leadership With A Capital ‘L’ by Ty Kiisel at Forbes on 20 August 2013

Sometimes actions that you take as a leader have repercussions long after the moment is gone.  In this case, the ‘public’ firing of an employee during a 1,000-strong conference call resulted in a leadership article that says that this kind of action can take away the very qualities that you strive to instill with your followers: motivation, dedication, loyalty, and ‘zeal’.  The author provides three tips in building these qualities:

  • Give them a reason to show up today (do they have something meaningful to do, or do they understand WHY a task is meaningful?)
  • Give them a reason to show up tomorrow (have you created an environment that people want to come back to – this ties in to turnover rates)
  • Be authentic (this would include concepts such as transparency, engagement, and caring)

The third bullet raises an interesting question – if the person conducting the firing was being authentic to his character, then wouldn’t that make his actions a good thing? Could you argue that caring (as part of authenticity) was still present, but it was caring for the company and not the individual?

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