Leadership Advice for Women: The Mistakes We Make by Jody Michael at Huffington Post on 9 July 2014.

This article provides some common mistakes that women make in the pursuit of a career, as observed by a female.  The author started out emulating her male peers, but then discovered that she could be a better leader by being authentic to herself and her values.  Her counsel includes:

  • Know the difference between truth and perception (people can use different terminology based on their perceptions e.g., assertive can be seen as “ball buster”)
  • Increase your emotional intelligence (understand how you are being perceived)
  • It’s not about ‘Acting like a man’ (instead, use your instincts more)
  • Manage your emotions (you must effectively manage yourself before you can effectively manage others)
  • Build your confidence (set goals and achieve them – self-confidence will come)
  • Toot your own horn (your competition will be doing so – make sure you get noticed)
  • Stop being too nice (you may get overlooked for leadership positions)
  • Control the conversation (make sure that you communicate effectively)

Many of these points I consider to be effective for both genders.  For ‘stop being too nice’ – I know what the author is trying to get at, but I would rather that the point would focus on being more assertive.  I have met some amazing leaders that are incredibly nice.  They were effective leaders, not simply because they were nice, but because they were reflecting their genuine nature in an assertive manner.

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