Leadership actions that are not an option for leaders by Jeffrey Gitomer at Biztimes.com on 23 September 2013.

Leaders are expected to do many things if they are to be effective – this article provides 13 areas of concern.  I almost skipped over this article, however, until I read the following:

Great leaders value and display tolerance and temperance. First in themselves – then from others.  I’m not a fan of leaders who rant. Lots of successful ones do rant, but there are rules to follow if you’re one of them.
RULE 1 – Praise in public.
RULE 2 – Reprimand in private.
RULE 2.5 – Record yourself doing both praise and reprimand. See how you sound to others by listening to yourself. You may not like it.

I agree with Rules 1 and 2, but I paused at Rule 2.5 – it’s an interesting concept.  Some organizations may have a policy about recording performance reviews, but I doubt that any would have a policy about recording all conversations.  I know that I have been on the giving and receiving side of countless presentations, but it was not until I started the VOCL podcast that I truly started to get an understanding of my voice and my presentation style.  In the situations provided by 1 and 2, I would be tempted to hit the Record button and ensuring that I deleted the recording after the review was complete, but I really don’t know what the potential legal liabilities would be (especially for a reprimand)…  Plus, even if it was legally okay, what would be the impact on my ‘stature’ as a leader if my followers found out?   Hmmm… I see more potential downsides than upsides on this one.

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