Leaders lacking by Barbara Bowes at Winnipeg Free Press on 7 June 2014

This article speaks to the need for getting the right leadership training for key individuals within an organization. There are no leadership nuggets here, but the author does provide several things that you should look for when getting leadership training:

  • Individual or small-group coaching conducted over several months may be more effective than leadership courses done over a few consecutive days.
  • Look for courses that feature a greater amount of scenario-based and instructor-led facilitation and discussion rather than simple presentations.
  • Look for training that is better aligned with the current workplace reality – autocratic leadership has largely given way to influential and collaborative leadership.
  • Look for training that helps you develop your skills in effectively motivating your team to achieve their highest potential.
  • Be diligent when looking at certifications and designations.

Regardless of the training that you choose, the greatest development will come through the repeated practical application of the concepts that you have learned. Much like the 12x table in math becomes easier with greater repetition, applying leadership skills repeatedly helps them to become ‘automatic’ for instant recall.

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