Judging Good Advice from Bad: 5 Opinions That Will Undermine Your Leadership by Holly Hamann at LinkedIn on 10 February 2014.

The author makes the case that you need to be careful about taking advice from others – she sums it up nicely with the following quote:

Trust is a fragile thing; if you’re inconsistent in your direction and management techniques, employees will lose trust in your vision.

The following are the five types of opinionated people to avoid:

  • The ‘play-it-safe’ guy
  • The guy with no track record
  • The guy with the hidden agenda
  • Mr. Inconsistent
  • The ‘yes man’

Out of this list, two may be hard to pick out.  The “hidden agenda guy” is tough if he is skilled at hiding his true intentions.  The ‘yes man” is tough because many people  like to be around people who agree – it’s less difficult – and to sniff them out you have to come up with a bad idea to gauge their reaction.  Who wants to spend time coming up with a bad idea when we need really good ones…

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