Identifying and developing leadership potential by Dame Mary Marsh at The Guardian on 1 November 2013.

Many leadership articles focus on what it takes to be a leader – in this article, the focus shifts slightly to what a current leader looks for in future leaders.  Additionally, this is an article that focuses on leadership in social and community enterprises – so many others focus strictly on business. The author looks for people who are:

• Committed to change
• Curious – about themselves, about others, about their community
• Authentic
• Recognize diversity as a positive thing
• Able to positively interact with others

There is one quote that bothers me:

“A gap for many people in the social sector is a significant lack of feedback from peers, managers and those they seek to help, support and manage. It has become evident that we would open up and develop much more leadership potential if such feedback was actively part of the way in which we work together.”

True leaders provide feedback to their followers – that is evident. True leaders should also create a culture where peer feedback (done in a positive fashion) is encouraged. Finally, true leaders should be seeking feedback from those that they are trying to help – this allows you to focus on aspects that will have the most significant impact and to tailor your service to your target audience.

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