Great Leadership Breeds Great Leadership by David Lykken at National Mortgage Professional on 2 December 2013.

This article provides a case for greater leadership, done within the context of independent mortgage bankers. The first seven paragraphs, although not leadership specific, are used to set the stage for the author’s idea of greater leadership in his sector (it is interesting reading even if you’re not in the mortgage business). The rest of the article provides some interesting thoughts as the author communicates his vision. There are examples about leadership in sports, in business, and even a paragraph about how helping a competitor can help everyone in the long run. He highlights the importance of creating masterminds or central hubs for discussing topics of interest, as well as greater use of social media to get everyone talking.

I don’t want you to focus on this article for the mortgage aspects – rather, I want you to take this thought piece and consider if and how you would carry out similar solutions in your business, group, or organization.

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