“How to Give Your Boss Bad News and Keep Your Credibility” by Karin Hurt at Seapoint Centre for Collaborative Leadership on 14 April 2014

This article is perfectly aligned for middle managers on how to give your boss bad news.  You have people reporting to you – you are their leader.  You are reporting to your boss – you are his/her follower.  As the “middleman,” you are sometimes placed in a difficult position of taking bad news from your followers and conveying it to your boss.

This article provides four tips on how to effectively give your boss bad news, using the word “DARN” as an acronym:

  • Disclosure – get the bad news out there – hiding it rarely makes it better.
  • Accountability – own the mistake.  Do not fall prey to the victim mentality!
  • Response – offer your thoughts on how you can potentially solve the problem.
  • Next Steps – create an action plan to solve the problem, including how others can help.

Interestingly enough, I’ve seen two different versions of this post – the one that I am featuring here, plus the one on the author’s own blog that was published two days prior.  The author’s original article is short and to the point, whereas the guest post goes into further depth.

As VOCL readers/listeners, which do you prefer?

The original article can be found here

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