How to Become a Better Leader by Rich Hein at on 30 April 2014.

This is a fairly lengthy leadership article that covers a significant amount of leadership factors for all leaders, but with a particular emphasis on Chief Information Officers (CIOs).  I’ll mention the key aspects here, but you’ll have to go to the article to get the in-depth discussion on why they are important.

  • Find a good mentor in your organization
  • Empower your team
  • Develop your strategy skills
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Become a better listener
  • Be a better networker
  • Be consistent and honest
  • Know yourself / be authentic
  • Don’t micro-manage
  • Surround yourself with people smarter than you
  • Always be learning

My favourite quote came from the communication skills section – it speaks to the need to tailor your communication for your target audience:

“A long time ago, when I started out in engineering, I had this problem of overly detailed technical explanations. An exasperated senior manager once told me – “I am asking you for the time, and you are telling me how to build a watch,”

This article also generated several lengthy comments in return – which side do you fall on?

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