8 Ways You Are Turning A Crisis Into Catastrophe (And How To Stop) by David Wimer at Fast Company on 6 May 2014

Many people can lead when everything is sailing along smoothly, but a real leader’s abilities become evident during crises.  This article highlights the following potential leadership pitfalls and how to overcome them:

  1. Being overly optimistic
  2. Denying that the problem exists
  3. Dabbling in trial and error
  4. Abandoning common sense
  5. Going at it alone
  6. Relying solely on logic
  7. Blaming others
  8. Cracking the whip

For the first bullet (“being overly optimistic”), a point could be made about being overly pessimistic as being equally damaging – you need to give some hope that the crisis can be solved.  For the fourth point (“abandoning common sense”), I think that this is a wasted bullet – people may make some decisions that seem illogical to others, but it made perfect sense to them at the time.  At least this bullet mentions that you should consult others who have a “track record” of common sense, but to me that sounds a lot like the 5th bullet (“going at it alone”).

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