7 communication tips for millennial leaders by Linsey Pollak at Smartblogs.com on 17 February 2014.

The Millennial generation  (or Generation ‘Y’ – born from early 1980s to early 2000’s) have begun assuming (significant) leadership roles in today’s jobs and organizations.  The author provides 7 tips to this generation to help them communicate more effectively:

  1. Watch out for speech patterns that make you sound too young (you want to be seen as credible)
  2. Communicate in your audience’s style (especially challenging since there are now four generations in the workforce – each has a preferred method / style of communication)
  3. Remember: shorter is better (I have trouble with this one, especially when keeping the second point in mind…)
  4. Don’t hide behind technology (I would suggest using the phone if it takes more than three lines to convey your thoughts to an individual.)
  5. Don’t assume it’s okay to text (this is really an extension of #2)
  6. Understand how to contact someone in a more senior position (again, this is really an extension of #2
  7. Give yourself time to practice (absolutely!)

The article has some good thoughts, but I can think of several counterpoints on several of those tips.  I’ll pick on just #4 – ironically, group discussions (especially dispersed groups) can be challenging but achievable using  technology such as video / teleconferencing.  With many businesses starting to span the globe, and technological advances coming faster and faster  I would suggest that Millennials EMBRACE technology to effectively lead these teams.  I don’t see it replacing the personal touch, but it’s a pretty decent substitute.

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