6 Leadership Lessons Learned On A ‘Backroads’ Bike Trip by Todd Essig at Forbes on 2 September 2013

The author uses a group bike trip vacation as a backdrop for six leadership lessons, and offer ways on how those lessons can translate to other groups and environments:

  1. Front-load preparation and expertise (doing your homework in the preparation / planning phase can help ensure a good start to the execution phase)
  2. Invite task-consistent individual differences (giving people roles and responsibilities consistent with their skills and interests)
  3. Establish clear rituals for information exchange (make sure that you give people enough information to ensure success – this includes providing the overarching vision)
  4. Self-disclose positive experiences for increased positive emotions (focus on the successes of your team – this can lead to greater success in the future)
  5. Support positive group identity with downward comparisons to other groups (people enjoy being part of something special)
  6. Pick a team committed to the group’s goals (it’s easier for the group to meet its goals if everyone is primarily focused on the group’s success)

The 5th point can be potentially dangerous – yes, it’s nice to be part of a special group but care should be taken to not ‘over-do it’ and creating an acrimonious atmosphere with other groups within your organization.

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