“5 Ways To Boost Your Leadership Impact From Afar” by Jeff Boss at Forbes on 16 September 2014

Leadership in large organizations can be difficult if the team members are in different locations. This is especially true if the locations are around the world! This article provides some guidance in making to seem more ‘local’:

1. Visit remote offices (go out and see your followers – this is the principle of ‘management by walking around’)
2. Show your face (informal discussions can sometimes be more productive than official meetings)
3. Take the road less travelled (don’t always get to your desk the same way – use different paths so you come across different people)
4. Iron your T-Shirt (even in casual environments, you should still look like a leader)
5. Aim for crisis (be seen taking action when things go wrong)

For #1, physical travel may not always be financially feasible, or you may not be able to take the time to travel. As such, technologies such as video conferencing should be used to ensure a more physical presence.
For #2, I remember a smoker telling me once “I don’t know how non-smokers get anything done – we sort out so many problems and come up with great ideas during our smoking breaks.” I don’t advocate smoking, but I certainly like the concept of impromptu meetings that aren’t ‘forced’.
For #3, I would avoid trying to make it artificial. I would rather take the first idea (walking around) and apply that in my day-to-day activities.
For #4, I’m still wrapping my head around ironing a T-shirt… I can live with a polo shirt – I feel better ironing one of those!
For #5, click here for my thoughts on leadership in challenging situations.

Original article can be found here

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