3 Secrets of C Level Leadership by Neil Staggall at LinkedIn on 7 May 2014.

In this article the author focuses on the three aspects of leadership that he assesses as being critical for senior-level management:

  1. Say ‘No’ – A small word, a huge difference (you have to be able to make tough decisions, and you need to teach that ability to your followers)
  2. Trust & respect – power words (they are the foundation of positive relationships)
  3. Look, listen, learn – do your homework (taking a bit more time to get more facts can lead to better decisions)

The last point can be very difficult to carry out – sometimes we can delay a decision to the point that we experience ‘paralysis by analysis’.  Personally, I believe that we should attempt to make the best decision that we can, using all the facts that we can reasonably find within the time allotted.   In this case, I believe that Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. was correct,

“A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”

If you wait too long, your enemy (or your competition) will have the opportunity to find your vulnerabilities, get to market before you do, etc.

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