The ABCDs of Leading with Trust by Randy Conley at Leading with Trust on 17 November 2013

Leadership has a foundation of trust that leaders and followers build upon – without trust, you won’t have the engagement of your followers.  If they follow at all, it will be through some sense of obligation (paycheck, no other choice, etc.).  To keep it simple, the author provides the ABCDs of leading with trust:

  • A is for Able – you have to be a competent a doing your role
  • B is for Believable – you have to tell the truth
  • C is for Connected – showing care and concern for your followers
  • D is for  Dependable – you have to keep your promises

For me, being connected is more of an “S” for soft skills, but then that would make the article the “ABDS of leading with trust”, and that would be confusing…  Also, I consider  Dependable as a subset of Believable – people won’t believe what you say if you don’t follow through on your commitments.

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