9 Reasons To Lead In A No Spin Zone by Mike Myatt at Forbes on 26 September 2013

A standard-sized article that provides nine good reasons to remember a single point – telling the truth as a component of leadership.

  1. Telling the truth is a habit
  2. Telling the truth is the right thing to do
  3. The heaviest baggage you carry is a lie
  4. Lies will always come back to haunt you
  5. Lies create a barrier to personal and professional development
  6. Truth strengthens your reputation and enhances your personal brand
  7. Truth deepens the quality of relationships
  8. A clear conscience leads to a healthy mind
  9. Truth is a powerful example

Although you shouldn’t need nine reasons to tell the truth, my favourite is captured in point #8 – you have to like what you see when you look in the mirror (physical or metaphorical).

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