8 Ways To Spot Great Leadership by Mike Myatt at Forbes on 24 October 2013

Just like the title says, the author provides eight tips on spotting great leadership, not just the “peacock” mannerisms that you may have seen in some media personalities and politicians:

  1. Not about the platform
  2. The art of “and” not “or”
  3. Ubiquity
  4. Not tone-deaf
  5. Willing to take the hit
  6. Understand compromise
  7. No paralysis
  8. Alignment

Originally, I wasn`t going to include this article since many of the points have been raised before.  Number 7 (No paralysis) made me stop.  The first line states, “Leadership begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  Funny enough, I’ve just finished listening to two podcasts on back to back days with that very theme.

The first is a podcast called “Career Joy” by Alan Kearns, and it features a guest by the name of Launi Skinner.  In this podcast episode, she talks about her 6 keys to career success – the main theme I heard is that of stretch goals.  At the time of the interview, she had just left as the U.S. President of Starbucks to become the CEO of 1-800-Got-Junk? (now , she’s  the CEO of First West Credit Union).

The next podcast was Fitness Behaviour, a fitness-based podcast from Bevan James Eyles.  This episode features psychologist Carol Dweck – she mirrors the points provided by Launi and Mike.

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