7 Reasons Employees Don’t Trust Their Leaders by Glenn Llopis at Forbes on 9 December 2013.

The article highlights on why trust is important in the workplace, and seven reasons on why leaders can lose that trust:

  • They lack courage
  • They have hidden agendas
  • They are self-centred
  • They have reputation issues
  • They display inconsistent behaviour
  • They don’t get their hands dirty
  • They lack a general purpose

I can live with most of these as the author presents them, but the “reputation issues” needs to be highlighted for discussion.  I realize that leaders are always being assessed by their followers – I have no issue with this.  I would caution, however, that leaders should not solely base their actions based on perception.  There are times that leaders need to make tough choices and unpopular choices.  These decisions must be made on the basis of what is best, and not necessarily what is popular.  What do you think?

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