6 Conversations Every Leader Needs To Have by Randy Conley at Leading with Trust on 15 December 2013

As leaders, we need to communicate with our followers.  The conversation style that we use should be tailored to the situation at hand.  The author provides 6 different conversation styles that can be used:

  • Alignment conversations – make sure that everyone is on the “same page”
  • Directive conversations – making sure that people know what the next steps are
  • Coaching conversations – helping people achieve their best effort
  • Supportive conversations – helping people overcome confidence issues
  • Delegating conversations – Once you’ve had the former conversations, give them what they need and then remove the roadblocks along the way
  • One-on-one conversations – allows for timely feedback and to make changes if required.

I liked this article – it’s worth taking the time to read and reflect upon.

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