5 Leadership Lessons for Today’s Executive by Vick Vaishnavi at Forbes on 11 April 2013.

The five lessons that the author provides are:

  1. Set the standard for performance

  2. Give meaningful direction

  3. Make communication a priority

  4. Persist until the job is well and truly done

  5. Be a learner and not just a coach

When I look at give meaningful direction – make sure that your recipient understands your intent (ties-in to communication skills)

From a management perspective: For reporting / follow-up of tasks, with my Project Manager background I tend to use the  8-80 rule when assigning tasks (no less than eight hours and no more than eighty hours).  Reporting intervals can vary based on where we are with a project:

  • Start – short – efforts going down the right path, immediately identify obstacles.
  • Middle – longer – ensure tasks are tracking down the plan.
  • End – shorter – focus on meeting the deadline.
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