5 Leadership Bounty Lessons from Spring Training with the Pittsburgh Pirates a press release by Bill Treasurer at PRWeb on 26 March 2014

This article focuses on five leadership essentials placed in the context of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ spring training as  oriented by author Bill Treasurer.  The key points are quoted below – read the article to see why these have been identified as key points:

  1. Actively build leadership skills among your organization’s next generation of leaders to deepen the overall bench strength.

  2. Thinking about leadership isn’t enough. Leadership is something you do. Provide real opportunities for people to lead and take charge.

  3. Create an environment that encourages people to “own” their performance and mistakes. Embody personal accountability as a core value.

  4. Fire people up with one or two quick motivational messages, not every motivational quote you’ve ever heard.

  5. Get everyone striving for excellence by asking each person to improve performance by one tenth of one percent every day. It’s the best way to outperform average.

I like the second point – it’s not enough to just learn about leadership – like your muscles, you need to exercise leadership to become stronger as a person.

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