4 Leadership Lessons From Canada’s Olympic Team by Pam Ross at Huffington Post on 14 February 2014

Another Olympics-inspired leadership article, but with a Canadian viewpoint on how we can incorporate the best of the Olympic spirit into our organizations:

  • Create a rallying cry

  • Be exclusive

  • Give your team opportunity

  • Demonstrate care and respect

For me, you can tell that a simple rallying cry is incredibly powerful when #WeAreWinter is so successful even though we are continuously being battered by winter storms across the country – something about which we would normally grumble…

Regarding being exclusive – I see the point that the author is trying to make, but to me it doesn’t speak to leadership best practices.  Yes, it’s great if you can get the best people in the first place, but a true leader seeks to develop the people who (s)he has to the best of their potential – I’m glad this is covered in the section on giving your team opportunity.

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