3 Leadership Trends of 2014 by Will Yakowicz at Inc.com on 28 January 2014

The author provides his assessment of the three top leadership trends in 2014, as taught in business schools and implemented by organizational leaders:

  • Unlocking hidden strengths – getting the best from your employees / followers while simultaneously making them feel empowered
  • Giving second chances – everyone makes mistakes – if you show faith in people they are likely to perform
  • Implementing democracy – if you hire the right people, “you can implement a democracy focused on individual participation and empowerment.”

During the second point of “giving second chances”, the author’s interview with Fred Keller (CEO of Cascade Engineering) brings forth the idea that government can’t solve all of the problems and that business must step up and fill the gaps – that’s a recurring theme that I heard during the 2012 Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference.

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