10 Leadership Lessons From U.S. Commanding General John E. Michel by Vala Afshar at Huffington Post on 2 March 2014.

Another military-themed article on leadership, this one has cross-organizational lessons from Brigadier General John E. Michel as found in the book ‘Mediocre Me’:

  1. Be a strong leader (focus on people, smart risks and be willing to fail)
  2. Co-create and collaborate with individuals (helps remove the fear of failure)
  3. Include stakeholders throughout the process (keep people informed)
  4. The customer is the common ground (have everyone in the team focus on your customer – this will help break down silos and disputes)
  5. Demonstrate clear intent (provide an unambiguous expectation of what you expect from each of your followers)
  6. Use technology tied to metrics to enable transformation (you can’t improve what you don’t measure and be careful of scope creep)
  7. Break projects down into smaller components (the tasks aren’t as daunting, and you can start achieving early success, leading to future success)
  8. Push the boundaries of your potential (help your people become all that they can be)
  9. Be morally courageous (you have to be willing to make hard choices, even if they are unpopular)
  10. Invest in lifelong learning (this is where a shared responsibility lies between the person and the organization).
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